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My hope is to help you answer the following questions:

What is going on?
What do you want instead?
How might you get to what you want?

How does it work

Evaluate your needs
Understand hopes and expectations
Discuss possible solutions
Focus on personal strengths

Sylvana is affiliated to several Counselling Professional services that you can access for free.

Extended Health benefit such Sunlife or Employee Assistance program (EAP) may cover professional counselling services. Some EAP are Shepell, Lifeworks, Metropolitan Family Services, Arete, Blue Cross and others. Check with your work extended health.

The Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP) if you have a current reference/claim number and were a victim of assault or a related crime, this service is free once you are approved by CVAP.

In the event you have had a car accident and are suffering from trauma that affects your emotional stability such as anxiety, depression, you can have access to counselling that is paid by ICBC, provided your adjuster approves it.

Each session is paid by cash or etransfer. Receipt upon request. These services are taxes deductible as medical expenses on your personal income tax return.

To accommodate your needs, appointments are available in Vancouver.

Professional Counselling services and consultations available in English and Spanish, on week days, evenings.

Free half hour phone consultation, 778 297 6066.

To improve one’s emotional life and future, takes time. One needs to feel motivated and encouraged. You may need more than a few sessions to see the changes you are looking for.