Spanish Reviews

“Sylvana sabe escuchar y siempre hace preguntas que le ayudarán a aclarar y comprender mejor porque y como se siente. Ella es excelente para encontrar y guiar una solución a largo plazo en los problemas de sus pacientes. Práctica conciencia y eso refleja durante sus sesiones. Sylvana es una gran consejera y se desenvuelve con mucho profesionalismo.”


"Sylvana nos ha acompañado a mi ex- esposo y a mi a hacer la transición de nuestra separación. Su ayuda ha sido fundamental en poder aclarar nuestros sentimientos, comunicarnos, establecer acuerdos respetuosamente y fortalecernos como equipo parental. Sylvana tiene el profesionalismo necesario para ayudar a avanzar en procesos complejos, y su calidez humana nos ha hecho sentir muy bien escuchados, respetados y acompañados. Gracias a su excelente servicio, una experiencia que puede ser muy dura, ha sido mucho más llevadera e inclusive enriquecedora en nuestro crecimiento como personas y como padres."


"Mis sesiones con Sylvana me cambiaron la vida de forma positiva. Con su experiencia y profesionalismo atiende mis temas personales. Generándome una calidez de confianza, esto ayuda significativamente mi recuperación post traumática de una relación de violencia doméstica que viví en mi matrimonio. Fue mi mejor elección tomar terapia con ella."

English Reviews

“In our time spent with Sylvana, my child and I both achieved improvements in our confidence, self-esteem and positivity. Our family relationships and personal wellbeing have evolved as a result and I am very happy about our progress with the incredible help and support of Sylvana!”


"I worked with Sylvana within a cognitive behaviour therapy program, I found each and every session very beneficial. Sylvana provided me many tools and insight to better understand my behaviours and reactions of life; I have been much happier with myself and my surroundings since working with Sylvana."


"Sylvana Yeoman has been an invaluable therapist in my life over the past few years. Her support and guidance have been instrumental in helping me navigate through various challenges. Her expertise and compassionate approach make her an exceptional therapist whom I highly recommend."


“Sylvana Yeomans is a wonderful and wise counsellor with rich life experience. She is very effective in her approach and holistically supports clients experiencing anxiety, depression or stress and those going through a big life transition."


"I appreciated Sylvana's flexibility with accommodations that I required for both my work & personal schedule. I had experienced MVA's in 2020/2021 and was not always able to meet in person. I greatly benefited from the telephone/ video, in person counselling sessions. Sylvana's proactive strategies assisted me with the physical trauma, stress, anxiety and PTSD impact that plagued me."


"Sylvana has guided me through the loss of my husband and made me feel comfortable to get on with my life. I came back to Sylvana for more help to get me through a few car accidents that affected me by not getting any sleep and dealing with the anxiety. I highly recommend her services."


“Talking to Sylvana has made me realize the importance of my life. She is someone that has played a major part in my growth.”

“She supported my learning process and I felt safe exploring my alternatives.”

“I felt comfortable and I learnt better ways to communicate with my children.”

“Sylvana supported me and helped me build trust in myself.”