Empowering Life Changing Growth

Sylvana brings over three decades of vast experience to the field. She ensures that clients learn and find motivation to make the changes they want.  They practice effective ways of managing challenging emotions and behaviours.  She encourages personal and family goal achievement.

Eclectic Approach

Sylvana is deeply committed to fostering well-being, specializing in addressing a wide range of challenges such as family dynamics, addictions, depression, anxiety, domestic violence, divorce, separation, parenting issues, and interpersonal relationships.

Drawing from various theoretical frameworks and employing multiple methods. Sylvana strives to identify the most effective strategies for overcoming her client's obstacles. Utilizing techniques such as Cognitive Therapy, Grief Counselling, Bowen Therapy, Internal Family Therapy, Emotionally Focus Therapy, Attachment theory, insights of Neurobiology of Trauma, Mindfulness practices. Sylvana creates a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses both psychological and physiological aspects.

Central to Sylvana's approach is the establishment of a trusting therapeutic alliance with her clients. By fostering a safe and encouraging environment, she empowers clients to engage fully in their healing journey, promoting lasting positive changes in their lives.

Years of Experience

With a rich background dating back to 1985, Sylvana has been assisting families through various life transitions. Recognizing the innate motivation for change, she creates a safe and confidential space for clients. Her role involves facilitating therapeutic conversations that help clients gain awareness of options and strengths.

Cross-Cultural Intervention

Cross cultural interventions refer to situations that people experience living in a new country, new place, and personal relationship between people of different cultures and different family culture. In some cases, the experiences are conflictive affecting how people survive these challenges.

Sylvana listens and takes the time to understand and empathize with the clients’ difficulties. She encourages you to explore obstacles and possibilities in a safe place to reflect in a confidential manner.

She has ample knowledge about how the acculturation process takes place and how it can affect people while trying to integrate in a new culture. As well she works with intercultural family dynamics.

Sylvana speaks English and Spanish fluently. She is interested in helping you get over fears and gain self confidence to reach personal goals.

Personal Details

Sylvana Yeomans, MA, RPC
Registered Professional Counsellor
MPCC Member, Master Professional Clinical Counsellor, No 2580
CCPCP Member, Canadian College Professional Counsellors & Psychotherapists No 1129

Confidential Therapeutic Consultations
Phone: (778) 297-6066
E-mail: [email protected]

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