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Conflicts and obstacles are essential for personal-growth You and I will evaluate your needs and expectations

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Addiction? Divorce & Separation? Co-parenting? Emotional Tune-up? Partner Relationship & Domestic Violence? Symptoms of Depression & Anxiety

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About Confidential Therapeutic Consultations

Sylvana Yeomans is a Registered Professional Counsellor specialized in family dynamics, addictions, depression & anxiety, divorce & separation, parenting after separation, parent-child relationships, personal & emotional enhancement and dealing with anger. She also works on domestic violence and intensive parenting intervention. Experienced in crisis intervention, gambling addiction, and she has facilitated workshops in related issues and can plan new topics upon request.

She is a member of Canadian Professional Counselling Association and with Canadian College Of Professional Counsellors & Psychotherapists. Her hope is to assist you become more aware of your internal and external barriers. You will accomplish self-confidence and gain new framework of thinking. She also supports people experiencing personal challenges, provide a safe space for people explore and understand strengths and hopes.

If you have been a victim of a crime and have a claim number with Crime Victim Assistance Program, you can access my professional counselling services. This is a program that offers funding to victims who have been victims of a crime. This is a free service for victims of a crime. Sylvana is a registered counsellor with CVAP. Call for consultation at 778 297 6066.

Sylvana can also assist you If you have been hoping to change how you express your feelings of frustrations and anger in your intimate relationship. You have become aggressive and are risking ending up with legal matters because the way you relate to your spouse and children, you may benefit from attending counselling and learn expressing and behaving more effectively.

Sylvana works flexible hours to accommodate your needs and she is fluent in English and Spanish.

Your life matters; take a step and call for a free half hour consultation.

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